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Help Us Protect LIUNA Members’ Pay

LIUNA members are skilled workers who do the hard work of building America. Davis-Bacon prevailing wages ensure we earn fair pay and benefits. Non-union contractors are ignoring the rules, stealing from workers, and retaliating when workers speak out.

The Department of Labor has proposed a historic update to protect and strengthenDavis-Bacon prevailing wage rules that will:

  • Ramp up enforcement on law-breaking contractors
  • Stop wage theft and misclassification
  • Implement anti-retaliation protections
  • Modernize the process for setting wages to strengthen the wage floor
  • Return to the more fair and accurate three-step method in setting wages, a wage rate will be considered prevailing if it was paid to at least 30 percent of workers

The DOL’s proposed updates are ground-breaking and monumental.

Strong Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rules are your lifeline to the middle-class. Send your message of support for these changes that will protect Laborers’ wages, and ensure union contractors have a fair chance to bid on federal projects.

OR Visit the website https://liunadolcomments.org to help protect our work!