Important Notice! General membership Meeting previously scheduled for July 9, 2020 has been CANCELED!

Important Notice

Due to corona-virus Covid-19; our General membership Meeting previously scheduled for July 9, 2020 has been CANCELED!
We apologize for the inconvenience!

Visit our website for new updates
Please stay safe and follow CDC / Official health guidelines!

Aviso Importante

A causa del coronavirus Covid-19; nuestra Junta General de Membrecía programada para el 9 de Julio del 2020 se ha CANCELADO! Sentimos la inconveniencia. Visite nuestra página para más actualizaciones www.plastertenders1414.comManténgase sano y siga las indicaciones de CDC y Salud Publica!

James Preciado
Business Manager / Secretary – Treasurer


Plaster Tenders Local 1414

The Plaster Tender craft has a rich history within the plastering and fireproofing industries.  The craft name “Plaster Tender” is a relatively new name for the proud craft that has been tending plasterers “collectively” since 1903.

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

LIUNA Training is pleased to announce the “expanded” online Infectious Disease (ID) course.

The updated course features more COVID-19 related content as well as a newly revised certificate for participants who complete the course successfully.

All participants who have completed the original online course have the option of taking it again and earning a second certificate. The first half of the material remains unchanged and will act as a refresher, while the remainder of the course has been expanded with more information aimed specifically toward the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants in the process of taking the course will be automatically enrolled into the expanded program on Wednesday and will receive the new certificate upon successful completion. In addition, the expanded online ID course will now allow unlimited retakes of the final test until a passing score is achieved.

Members can access this course via the following link:

For any questions or issues regarding the expanded course, please contact Jason DeSilva
at or Michael Tranghese at