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The Rich History Of The Plaster Tender

The Plaster Tender craft has a rich history within the plastering and fireproofing industries.  The craft name “Plaster Tender” is a relatively new name for the proud craft that has been tending plasterers “collectively” since 1903.  Originally, the craft was known as Hod Carriers (and still today, many plasterers refer to Plaster Tenders as “Hoddies”).  A hod is a tool that a Hod Carrier used to transport plaster material to the plasterers he was tending.  It was carried over one shoulder and when filled with materials, was very heavy and bulky.  A good “Hoddy” was worth his weight in gold and was the backbone of every crew.  They were proud men with strong backs and were noted for being “tough as nails.”

Today, we rarely use Hods, but the Plaster Tender, with his knowledge of pump set up, operation and maintenance; scaffold building; mix ratios and material preparation is still the backbone of every plastering and fireproofing crew.  A strong back is still necessary due to the heavy work a Plaster Tender is expected to perform, however, now more than ever, a Plaster Tender must use his mind in conjunction with his back to ensure that a job is completed efficiently and most importantly, safely!

With the implementation of a state-certified apprenticeship program, the future for Plaster Tenders looks bright.  Although the plastering and fireproofing industries are constantly changing it is certain that the Plaster Tender will remain an integral part of the plastering and fireproofing industries for years to come.